Scott Roman is a California attorney who has been practicing health care law for over thirty years. In addition to his law degree, Scott has a master’s degree in health care administration and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is a frequent lecturer at medical schools and speaker at health care conferences. He has also published many articles on health care issues.

Scott began his career with the Price Commission, which was part of the executive office of the President of the United States. Thereafter, he worked for the Cost of Living Council, which was established by Congress to monitor and control prices and inflation. After graduate school, Scott spent two years working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Virginia as an assistant to the medical director. He was subsequently transferred to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Associations where he was a senior consultant and liaison to many physician and hospital associations.

Scott now combines his business, insurance and government experience to advise his clients on health care and corporate issues. His philosophy is:

1. to provide quality legal services to his clients at a reasonable cost

2. to be valued by his clients

3. to be known by his clients as a principled attorney

4. to be guided by the principles of integrity, trust, dedication and fairness

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