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Scott Roman is a California attorney whose practice focuses on health care law. His clients include medical groups, physicians, residents and fellows, independent practice associations (“IPAs”), management service organizations (“MSOs”), ambulatory surgery centers (“ASCs”),
medical foundations, podiatrists, dentists, chiropractors and allied health professionals. Scott is a frequent lecturer at medical schools and speaker at health care conferences. He has also published many articles on health care issues. Scott combines his business, insurance and government experience to advise his clients on health care legal issues.

Forming Legal Organizations

Scott has formed many legal organizations for his clients such as medical groups, IPAs, MSOs and ASCs. He has also helped his clients form small business organizations that do not involve health care. The legal structures of these organizations have included corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. Scott has helped his clients acquire other entities through acquisitions and mergers. He has also helped his clients reorganize and dissolve.

Drafting and Reviewing Legal Agreements

Scott is frequently asked by physicians to draft and review legal agreements. For medical groups, such agreements include employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, professional services agreements, confidentiality agreements, asset purchase
agreements and leases. For individual physicians, these agreements often involve billing and collection agreements, space and equipment leases and shared services arrangements. For residents and fellows, it usually involves reviewing employment agreements. Because of his insurance background, physicians often ask Scott to help them review their managed care and insurance agreements with third party payors.

Negotiating Legal Agreements

Scott often lectures at medical schools and health care conferences on the “art of negotiating.” As a consequence, he is frequently asked by physicians to negotiate legal agreements for them. For example, Scott has helped hundreds of residents and fellows negotiate their first employment agreements. He has also helped physicians negotiate deals to acquire other practices.

Helping Physicians Build Hospital Relationships

Scott has worked extensively with physicians to help facilitate their relationships with hospitals and other providers. This has included physician recruitment agreements, physician relocation agreements and physician income guarantee agreements. It has also included hospital-based physician agreements, medical directorships and call coverage agreements. As hospitals continue to develop foundations, Scott has been involved in forming and representing “captive” medical groups as well as medical groups exclusively affiliated with foundations.



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